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Hair care... hear it from our Sukin Lovers

Hair care... hear it from our Sukin Lovers

Everyone is guilty of forming a slight addiction to big soapy suds, squeaky-clean hair & unnaturally smooth locks.

Sound familiar? Don’t worry we have ALL been there.

Sukin’s #10WashChallenge shows that in just 10 washes you will have successfully shed all those synthetic nasties that have been weighing your hair down, and have a good hair day naturally, everyday!

Sukin Naturals has a hair care solution for every hair type and issue. With its refreshing blend of Peppermint and Ginger Extract, our Natural Balance Scalp Scrub removes product build-up and impurities while gently exfoliating. The Soy & Rice protein blend in our Volumising Thickening Spritz adds thickness and volume to fine and limp hair. Soothe dry scalps and minimise flakes with our Sensitive Micellar Scalp Masque, which contains Chamomile Extract and Maize Complex. Natural components are used in all of our products to keep your hair healthy and nourished. Check out our ingredients glossary for more information on our effective natural ingredients.

You can feel confident that you are making the switch to a haircare brand that makes being ‘good’ easy. 

Don’t believe us? Just take a look at the reviews yourself!



For years I’ve battled to find a shampoo and conditioner that would work for my hair. Oily roots and mid-low-section dryness from bleach. Once I went cruelty-free, the choices were even more limited. I’d be left dry and frizzy with more breakage everything I tried till I tried Sukin.. my hair managed, tangle free, and breakage is a thing of the pastRebeeca

This shampoo that works great on my natural, fine hair and sensitive skin. Hard to find a great shampoo that checks all the boxes!Alice

Natural Balance Shampoo


Absolutely love these products! That they are all natural and clean and condition my hair without stripping it is amazing. Am in love!Amber L

Love this shampoo as the previous shampoo I was using caused itchy scaly so I really needed one to combat this. Coupled up with the Sukin leave in conditioner, my hair is soft yet manageable and not fly away. It's great that it comes in a large bottle and is chemical free. I will continue to use Sukin hydrating shampoo. A happy user.” Naynce

Love the Signature Shampoo. Is refreshing, smells amazing, does not strip my hair like chemicals do. My hair grows fast!! True it’s so healthy you’ll have to try the all important vegan, so no cruelty to animals, natural, so no harsh chemicals and environmental friendly. Even the packaging.” Sarah


Hydrating Haircare Range


Awesome! It’s got no nasties and leaves your hair feeling fresh, full and vibrant” Rebecca K


LOVE it! I was using a no lather shampoo and rinse that is very popular for several years and noticed that my hair was getting thinner and my scalp didn't really feel clean even after shampooing. I tried this shampoo and conditioner and will continue using it. My hair is shiny and well-conditioned and I see a lot of new growth after the first couple of months. My scalp is clean and it feels clean. Great light and clean scent too.” Marsha



Love everything about this shampoo and it’s natural ingredients. A little goes along way on my short, fine hair and it keeps the colour looking fresh.” Debbi H

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