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Say HELLO to instant hair repair with our comprehensive guide to our NEW Bond Build Repair haircare range.

Say HELLO to instant hair repair with our comprehensive guide to our NEW Bond Build Repair haircare range.

Our Bond Build Repair Range is the newest innovation in our commitment to making clinically proven, results-driven haircare. This high-performance range has been crafted in the Sukin lab by the R&D team to provide targeted solutions for your hair concerns. We've crafted a new results-driven haircare range that combines the power of our clinically proven Bond Build active with native Australian botanicals to repair up to 60% of split ends in just one use*. The results? Rejuvenated hair. 

Say so long to bad hair days, and hello to our Bond Build Repair range. 


Bond Build Repair Shampoo 

This rejuvenating shampoo contains a concentration of our Bond Build Repair active. A naturally derived ingredient that works on split ends by forming bridges (a.k.a bonds) over the split in the strand to close and repair the damage. Clinically proven to actively re-bond and seal up to 60% of split ends in just one use* it's time to say hello to healthy-looking hair. 

Our formula contains hydrating Australian hibiscus and native botanicals, giving you a shampoo that is efficacious while natural. This curated blend of ingredients works overtime so your hair ends appear thicker, feel smoother, and look healthier. Make this shampoo your first step on your journey to great hair. 

* When used with Bond Build Conditioner or Intensive Masque. Based on ingredient in-vitro tress test.  


Bond Build Repair Conditioner 

This reparative conditioner strengthens and revitalises hair damaged by colour, heat-styling, and brushing to help elevate shine and body. 

In addition to strand-sealing clinical claims, this formula is bursting with antioxidants to deeply nourish your hair without weighing it down.  

Our Bond Build Active is clinically proven to help repair up to 60% of split ends in one use. Its sealing power and ability to provide ongoing protection after use meant it was a must have in our formula. But we haven't stopped there! For an extra dose of hair repair, detangling properties help to reduce the risk of further damage when styling. 


If Shampoo and Conditioner are the bread and butter of your haircare routine, we recommend the following. After washing out your shampoo, comb through the Bond Build Repair Conditioner from mid-lengths to ends, and let it work its magic for 1-2 minutes before rinsing out.  


A second step saviour for brittle and damaged hair. 




Bond Build Intensive Repair Masque 

Our Bond Build Repair Masque is a juicy treat for optimal hair condition and shine. 

This strand-loving Masque has a rich, silky texture that combs easily through your hair. It's a must-have product to intensely nourish and restore your strands to their optimal condition. Suitable for all hair types our Masque is the ultimate sweet treat for your strands.  

Clinically proven to repair up to 60% of split ends in one use*, our Bond Build Active was the perfect addition to this creamy treatment.  

Our Masque combines the best of science and nature to give you hair that appears feels smoother, softer, and shinier after use. A rich treatment for stressed hair, this Masque features Macadamia Seed Oil and Australian Hibiscus botanical extracts to deeply hydrate hair, add shine, and reduce frizz.  

This Masque sits perfectly in any hair wash routine, from the quick rinse to the everything shower. Whether you use this Masque instead of conditioner or in a tress-loving trio with the shampoo and conditioner, we recommend combing through mid-lengths to ends and leaving on for 1-5 minutes. 

Use as a third step for damage repair prep. 


* When used with Bond Build Shampoo. Based on ingredient in-vitro tress test. 


Bond Build Weightless Reconstructor Serum. 

Your multi-tasking hair saviour. 

Our Sukin Bond Build Weightless Reconstructor Serum is your multi-tasking saviour, sealing up to 55% of split ends in just one use*. This strand smoothing serum provides dry and damaged hair with high-quality strand structuring ingredients to repair damage, leaving your hair looking and feeling healthier.  

Bursting with hair-loving antioxidants, this serum harnesses the power of botanical extracts to help fortify the hair, restoring shine from root to tip, resulting in less frizz and more manageability. 

Our Weightless Reconstructor is the perfect multi-tasker for every wash and style process. To make it simple for you, we’ve added the below guide: 


  • Prewash protection and repair: Apply to mid-lengths and ends of dry hair before washing. 


  • Post-wash perfection & Styling: Apply to mid-lengths and ends of damp hair before styling. 


  • Stand-alone split end treatment: When your strands need a hydration vacation, apply to mid-lengths, and ends on dry hair and enjoy your day! 


Prewash, Post Wash & Heat Styling. Haircare repair, your way. 


 * When compared to the tresses treated with shampoo without conditioning agents.