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Say Hello to instant hair repair with our two NEW haircare staples.

Say Hello to instant hair repair with our two NEW haircare staples.

There are haircare products for styling, treatment, and protection, but we often overlook the prep steps to our haircare routine, shampoo, and conditioner.  


We’ve recently launched the next evolution in our commitment to clinically proven haircare, the Bond Build Repair range. We’ve utilised our expertise in the Sukin Lab to provide you with damage repair solutions for your hair concerns. Providing you with affordable and efficacious haircare is what we love to do, so here’s why you need our Bond Build Repair Shampoo & Conditioner in your haircare routine. 


Bond Build Repair Shampoo. 


This powerful shampoo contains our notable restructuring ingredient Bond Build Active. Clinically proven to repair up to 60% of split ends in just one use* we’ve chosen this re-sealing ingredient for its ability to help treat damage caused by colouring, heat styling, and brushing. 


Our sulphate-free formula is boosted with botanicals such as Wild Rosella and Betaine for a shampoo that gently cleanses the scalp without stripping hair of essential moisture and oils. These curated ingredients work seamlessly to leave your hair feeling rejuvenated and lustrous. Get ready for hair that looks smoother, thicker, and healthier. 


There's no doubt you already know how to use a Shampoo, but do you cleanse properly? We've put together a short guide on maximising your cleansing and reducing damage to help elevate your routine. 


  1. Apply Bond Build Repair Shampoo to wet hair, and lather well. Focus cleansing on the scalp and mid-lengths, avoiding over-cleansing ends and creating excessive friction when applying our shampoo. 


  1. Rinse thoroughly. If you wash your hair once a week, we recommend a second shampoo to remove dirt, oil, and product build-up. 


  1. Follow with Bond Build Repair Conditioner or Intensive Repair Masque. 


*When used with Bond Build Conditioner or Intensive Masque. Based on ingredient in-vitro tress test. 


Bond Build Repair Conditioner. 


Reinforce your newly repaired locks with our Sukin Bond Build Repair Conditioner! Powered by our innovative Bond Build active, this reparative Conditioner is proven to actively re-bond and seal up to 60% of split ends in just one use*. Packed with strand-loving ingredients, we've formulated this strand-loving product to provide repair and protection that keeps going. 


Intense split-end sealing power provides ongoing protection after use while detangling properties reduce the risk of further damage from styling. True to our botanical roots, we've added native Kakadu Plum and Lemon Myrtle to deeply nourish your hair without weighing it down. Say hello to your healthy hair era.  

Using a Conditioner in your haircare routine isn't a groundbreaking innovation BUT, we’ve included a few small tips to maximise nourishment and reduce damage when completing your routine:  


  1. After cleansing with Bond Build Repair Shampoo, squeeze excess moisture from your hair.  


  1. Gently comb Bond Build Repair Conditioner through hair from mid-lengths to ends 



  1. Let the conditioner work its magic for 1-2 minutes before rinsing. 



*When used with Bond Build Conditioner or Intensive Masque. Based on ingredient in-vitro tress test.