Natural Body Scrubs

Nourish your skin with ingredients from nature that work. Made with your health in mind, our natural body scrubs come with no false promises and no nasty chemicals. Regenerate your skin without stripping nutrients away.

Discover a healthy glow in three easy steps with our exfoliating body scrubs. Dampen your skin, apply the scrub, and then rinse to reveal a refreshing radiance. Try it for yourself with our exfoliation hero, the Invigorating Body Scrub with White Tea & Jasmine, winner of Beauty Haven’s 2020 Best in Beauty Awards.

Exfoliating body scrubs serve many benefits. They can help you remove dead or dry skin cells, prep your skin for a clean shave, and give your skin a micro-massage. No glow is complete without a touch of hydration, so be sure to follow up with one of our Natural Body Moisturisers and Facial Moisturisers.


Natural Body Scrubs

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