Skin Relief

Prebiotics influence our microbiome in various ways, from general health and wellbeing to digestion and even our minds. Prebiotics are considered "food" for the good bacteria in our bodies and on our skin. Essentially the more you feed the "good bacteria", the stronger it becomes. Seeing its incredible benefits first-hand, Sukin has formulated itchy skin relief range of soothing skin products with Plant Prebiotics.

Sukin Naturals has a range of skin relief products with Plant Prebiotics, including body lotion, body wash, cream cleanser, moisturiser, facial mist and hand wash for extremely dry skin. Not sure what to try or you'd like to check out the full range? Buy our Skin Relief 'Head to Toe' Bundle

Formulated with select Plant Prebiotics derived from Wheat and Beetroot, ingredients known to help bolster your skin microbiome, promoting healthier-looking skin. Our Maize Complex tackles skin tightness and itchiness, while a blend of Native Apples - Native Emu Apple and Kangaroo Apple - possesses antioxidants to help protect your skin against environmental stressors.

Discover our complete range of plant prebiotic skin relief products to soothe dry and distressed skin below. To learn more about Sukin Naturals and everything we include in our products, head to our Ingredients Glossary.


Skin Relief

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