Why have the Sukin bottles changed and why do they look different?

Our new and improved Sukin bottles, which are used for most bottled products, are now made from recycled plastic* . You’ll notice that the bottles for these products are now slightly lighter in colour and in weight due to the change in the type of plastic the bottles are made from, but never fear – the same product you know and love is still inside.

What is rPET and why have you made this move to using it?

As a company, we are shifting our focus to use as little virgin plastic as possible. rPET (recycled polyethylene terephthalate) is manufactured from used, recycled, and repurposed plastic that is collected and then reprocessed to make new packaging. Switching to rPET is a more environmentally friendly solution as it allows us to reduce our requirement to create virgin plastic. You will also notice that these bottles are lighter in weight, therefore utilising less plastic overall and further reducing our environmental footprint.

What do you mean by ‘’made from recycled plastic’’ and how is that more sustainable?

As Australia’s leading natural brand* , it’s no surprise that we are constantly looking to improve our sustainability footprint. Our new bottles are made with rPET, meaning that they are constructed from other existing plastic materials that have been recycled and repurposed into bottles. These can then be recycled and reused time and time again to close the loop. Utilising rPET is a more sustainable option because materials are saved from ending up in landfill, and less virgin plastic is used in our day-to-day processes.

Are the Sukin bottles recyclable?

Yes, Sukin bottles made from rPET are recyclable.

Are Sukin Products Safe While Breastfeeding?

All Sukin products have been carefully formulated and undergo a thorough external safety assessment for their intended use.

We do not recommend using products on the breast area directly before breastfeeding to avoid ingestion of the product by the baby. Our products are not designed to be ingested orally. For any further concerns using any product during breastfeeding/pregnancy we always recommend to consult with your GP.

Are any of the Sukin products allergen free?

Some Sukin products contain ingredients that are known allergens, such as Nuts,
Wheat, Soy, etc. Other Sukin products are made on the same machinery, and
though every care is taken to thoroughly clean machinery, we cannot confirm
that all traces have been removed.

We do not conduct any testing on our products for allergens and cannot guarantee that our products are free from allergens.

We recommend checking the ingredients list found on the label or the Sukin
website, and to patch test before use.

Is Sukin Vegan?

We are a vegan and cruelty free company. As a 100% vegan brand, we refrain from use of animal derivatives such as lanolin as well as animal by-products like honey and bees wax. Sukin is a certified 100% cruelty free company, committed to creating products that are free from animal testing, animal derivatives, and animal by-products. Sukin has been dedicated to cruelty free practices and products from day one. Our manufacturing and testing processes are completely free from animal testing, and we only source from suppliers who do not test on animals.

Is Sukin Cruelty Free?

Yes, Sukin is Cruelty Free.

Sukin is also Leaping Bunny Approved by Cruelty Free International, underscoring our commitement that no animal testing occurs at any stage of our products' development, from ingredients to formulations, to finished products.

You can read more about our approval here.

Are all Sukin products Leaping Bunny Approved?

Our entire product range is Leaping Bunny Approved. Since inception, we have been comitted to being completely cruelty free. You can read more about our approval here.

I purchased a Sukin product but cannot see the Leaping Bunny Logo, is it Cruelty Free?

All of our products with or without the logo displayed are approved by Cruelty Free International under the Leaping Bunny Programme. We are currently working towards displaying the logo across all products, but we do not want to destroy or waste any current packaging during the process.

How is your Rosehip Oil Certified Organic and is it cold pressed?

Our Rosehip Oil is certified by ACO Certification Ltd (formally Australian Certified Organic). It is cold pressed.

My Rosehip Oil doesn’t smell like roses, why is that?

Sukin Certified Organic Rosehip Oil is obtained by cold pressing the seed of the rose hip. This part of the plant does not have a ‘rosy’ flower smell, but results in a nutty odour.