Travel Sized Skin & Hair Care

Find your perfect travel companion with our range of 50ml must-haves across skin, hair, and body care. Take the guesswork out of efficient packing with our considered range of travel-size toiletries.

Good hair and skin days should be the basis of your travel adventures. That’s why our travel size shampoos and other toiletries pack all the nature-fueled heroes of our full-size products into nifty little travel buddies. Build yourself a Sukin travel pack to venture with the confidence of skin, hair and body care that also won’t harm the pastures you travel to.

Travel size toiletries don’t only serve us on grand adventures, they can also be your gym bag or work-satchel companions. Check out The Sukin Journal on 4 Beauty Must-Haves that are travel friendly for the everyday go-getter.


Travel Sized Skin & Hair Care

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