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Unlock radiant skin with Double Cleansing: Your Ultimate guide.

Unlock radiant skin with Double Cleansing: Your Ultimate guide.


Intrigued by the prospect of unlocking radiant skin? Picture this: After a long day of battling the elements, environmental pollutants, and makeup, your skin deserves a thorough yet gentle cleanse. BUT one round of cleansing won't cut through the layers of SPF and makeup. Enter double cleansing – a skincare method so nice, you'll do it twice. 


What is Double Cleansing? 


As the name suggests, Double Cleansing involves washing your face twice. However, it's not about using the same cleanser twice. Most double cleansing routines start with an Oil-based cleanser like our NEW Signature Cleansing Oil followed by a water-based cleanser in a format suited to your skin type (think creams, foams & gels). Double cleansing ensures a more thorough cleanse, prepping you for your next skincare steps. Double the cleanse, double the glow. 

 How it works. 


The first cleanse, also known as the pre-cleanse step, helps to break up and melt away dirt, oils, SPF, and daily build-up, prepping your skin for cleanse two. Your second cleanse is your thorough cleanse, where your chosen cleanser picks up any remaining dirt and impurities, resulting in a more refreshed and cleansed complexion. 


When to Double Cleanse. 


After Taylor Swift? Yes. After a day at the beach with regular SPF? Also, yes! On the train commute to work? No. 

While we love a thorough cleanse, double cleansing has its time and place in your skincare routine. If you're spending the day indoors binge-watching Netflix or are thoroughly engrossed in a good book, simplicity is key. A simple one-step cleanse will be up to the task of cleansing away daily build-up and chip crumbs. We suggest double cleansing at night when your skin needs an extra helping hand (or cleanser) for a more thorough clean. 


How to Double Cleanse. 


  1. Apply three shakes of the NEW Signature Cleansing Oil into palms and lather with water. 
  1. Gently massage into the skin and then rinse thoroughly with water. 
  1. Follow with your chosen cleanser (selected for your skin type) 
  1. Pat your skin dry and follow with the rest of your skincare routine. 


So nice you’ll do it twice, why Double Cleansing is a MUST! 


If the promise of having glowing, refreshed skin isn't enough, let us share more reasons why Double Cleansing is a skincare essential. Double Cleansing is a great way to ensure your skin is effectively clean. It reduces daily build-up that can lead to congestion and blemishes across the complexion. When your skin is clean and refreshed, it's also prepped and ready to absorb the active skincare you may have in your routine. Best of all? Cleansing Oils are for EVERYONE! All skin types are invited to this grime-busting party. 

 We’ve doubled the skincare cleanergy so you can embrace a luminous ultra-clean complexion.