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What is Toner & Do I really need one?

We take a look into the different uses of a toner and how to decide if you need one in your skincare routine.

What is Toner & Do I really need one?

Why tone the skin?

Toning seems to be the one step in a skincare routine that has the most people baffled. Should I use a toner? What does toner do? How to use toner? The confusion may be caused by the many different uses of toner, so it comes down to assessing your skin type.
Firstly though, toners can be included in a routine for several reasons:

Astringent – to remove excess oil and tone pores after cleansing
Freshen – to refresh the skin after cleansing
Spritz – to rehydrate skin, brighten skin or set makeup



The Sukin toner is formulated for additional hydration and to calm the skin after cleansing. The Sukin toner falls somewhere between freshening and spritzing with just two actives of Rose Water and Chamomile.

Toners & Oily Skin

If you are an overly oily skin type, then chances are you are familiar with toning your skin. If you used one to assist in balancing the oils after cleansing, our suggestion would be to stick to natural ingredients where possible as many toners contain strong synthetic astringents that can over strip the skin of oils.

Toners & Dry Skin

If you are a dry skin type, a toner isn’t essential unless you infuse the skin with extra moisture and goodness before cleansing. A toner, in this instance, can help with keeping the skin plump and bright throughout the day.

Essentially, your toner should work in conjunction with the rest of your routine to perform that additional function, including hydration, cleansing, and balancing oils post-cleansing.

Adding A Cleanser To The Mix

An excellent way to ease into using a toner is to try a Micellar Cleansing Water. This product is essentially a cleanser and toner in one and can be slotted into your current routine or used on its own as a two in one product.

Balancing The Oils In Your Skin

Small amounts of natural ether alcohols will have little if any effect on your natural oil balance. However, some toners use alcohol as an active astringent, which can dry out your skin if used too frequently. If you find this kind of toner necessary in your skincare routine for oil control, perhaps look into changing your cleanser instead to balance your oils that way.