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How To: Get the most out of your Rosehip Oil

How To: Get the most out of your Rosehip Oil
How To: Get the most out of your Rosehip Oil

Finding one product that you can use multiple ways is cause for celebration! It gives you more room in your bathroom cupboard, and saves you time and money. Rosehip oil is one of these versatile products.

Here are some of Sukin's top recommendations

A manicure in a bottle – apply a drop or two to cuticles at night and massage. The oil penetrates the nail helping to reinforce the natural structure leaving nails stronger and hands smoother.

Lip salve – yes even lips! Apply a drop of Rosehip oil and watch it instantly absorb for softer lip tissue and texture. You’ll have lush lips in no time.

Combat the rough, problem skin areas – Rosehip oil is a quick and easy remedy to soothe dry, cracked skin on the elbows, knees and heals too.

Treat eczema & psoriasis naturally – Rosehip Oil is a great companion for skin suffering these conditions. Rosehip oil helps to keep skin supple rather than the tight, stretched feeling often associated with these conditions and helps prevent flaking.

Skin concerns– Helps to visibly reduce the signs of aging

Reduce the appearance of scars and stretch marks – apply daily after bathing to help reduce and prevent the appearance of scars and stretchmarks.

Fantastic for hair - use a small amount on your fingertips to help smooth & tame flyaway locks. Essential for your hot & humid summer holiday destinations where frizz and dry beach hair wreak havoc.

Summer skin essential - instantly quench dry, sun-exposed skin helping to convert the beach blush to bronze without peeling.

Supercharge your moisturiser by adding a few drops of this wonder oil.

Scent – The scent of Rosehip oil isn’t as rosey as it sounds. If it bothers you, add some of your favourite essential oils to your bottle. You can customise your own scent.

How do you use your Rosehip Oil?