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Natural Body Care Products - How To Choose Your Moisturiser

Choosing a facial moisturiser is a crucial step in formulating your ideal skincare routine. Follow the questionnaire to reveal which moisturiser is best for your skin type and requirements.

Natural body products are our bread and butter here at Sukin Naturals. And sitting at the top of our natural body care decisions is choosing a facial moisturiser that suits your ideal skincare routine.

Natural face moisturisers are a crucial component of any skincare routine and even more critical for the health and happiness of your skin. But with so many choices and skin types, how do you know which one to choose?

If you’re unsure whether your moisturiser is right for you, or you’re looking to upgrade or swap out your current facial moisturiser, follow our natural body product questionnaire to reveal which moisturiser is best for your skin type and requirements.

We've developed a simple questionnaire to assist in pointing you in the right direction. Record your letter for each question to reveal your ultimate moisturiser at the end. You can record more than one letter for each question but do note this will skew your results at the end.

1. Which best describes your type?

Very Dry = R
Somewhat Dry = S
Normal/balanced = F
Combination or oily = G

2. Which best describes the condition of your skin?

Sensitive or prone to acne/spots = S
Dull skin lacking vibrancy = G
Ageing or Mature Skin = R
Normal (no conditions or concerns) = F

3. How thick do you like your moisturiser?

A rich cream = R
A lighter lotion = S
An everyday cream = F
A medium weight cream = G

4. What are you looking for most in addition to hydration?

To calm and soothe my skin = S
A good dose of antioxidants = R
Everyday health and nourishment = F
To boost health and nutrients to my skin = G

Mostly S

Sensitive Facial Moisturiser – Your skin is a little dry or sensitive, so you need adequate hydration without the risk of flaring up. You’re not after a heavy cream and need a moisturiser to keep your sensitivities at bay.

Mostly F

Sukin Facial Moisturiser – Your skin is kind to you, and with minimal concerns or conditions, you’re after that every day, easy hydration that will last the day but isn’t too thick or rich.

Mostly G

Super Greens Nutrient Rich Facial Moisturiser – your skin needs a balance and a health boost to brighten the complexion and restore nutrients to the skin whilst also providing moisture. You’re after a daily cream that provides excellent hydration and lots of vitamins and antioxidants.

Mostly R

Rose Hip Hydrating Day Cream – You’re after lots of moisture and rich cream that will infuse your skin with antioxidants. Your concern may be fine lines and possibly flaking, but your skin lacks water and needs a good hydration boost.

What if I have an even spread? 

So more than one moisturiser may be right for you; what next?

We recommend looking at our ingredients glossary to understand better what’s featured in our skincare products. Then, check out our skincare product pages and collections to see if one product stands out. Pay attention to things like scent and added benefits, and choose a moisturiser that you think fits as many of your requirements as possible.

If you still can’t decide, email us or tag us on Instagram @sukinskincare.

We recommend a patch test if you are trying a product or ingredient for the first time.